What Guys Want in a Woman

what guys want in a woman

What do guys want in a woman? Guys like all kinds of women, but there are certain things that most men desire in a partner. Men value intelligence, honesty, good looks, ambition, creativity, and drive. Men like to be assured that their partner is not going to act selfishly, but instead, will be a partner … Read more

Why Do Guys Pull Away When They Like You

why do men pull away

It is a common experience for women to find themselves in a relationship with a man who is nice, attentive, and caring–but then pulls away as the relationship deepens. Some men pull away because they are not ready for commitment. Other men may be afraid of being hurt or rejected again. Some guys pull back … Read more

How do I Know If He Just Wants to Hook Up

how do i know if he just wants to hook up

We’ve all met this guy before. He asks you out to dinner, but then only wants to take you on a date that lasts an hour or two. You share a few experiences together, but he’s not really making any effort to get to know the real you. He has his sights set on one … Read more