How Does No Contact Rule Work

How does no contact rule work

So you want to know how does no contact rule work? No contact rule is a method of communication that can be used to avoid conflict in relationships. It is a way to work through the relationship transition and the end of a relationship with someone you care about. It helps you to figure out … Read more

Why a Guy That Likes You Ignores You

Why a guy that likes you ignores you

Why does a guy that likes you ignores you? It’s frustrating when a guy that likes you ignores you. It can make you feel like they don’t like you back. And it’ll make you feel like you should stop liking them. But this behavior should be taken as a sign of interest. When a guy … Read more

What Guys Want in a Woman

what guys want in a woman

What do guys want in a woman? Guys like all kinds of women, but there are certain things that most men desire in a partner. Men value intelligence, honesty, good looks, ambition, creativity, and drive. Men like to be assured that their partner is not going to act selfishly, but instead, will be a partner … Read more