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Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Has Feelings For You

Have you wondered about the signs your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you? If so, there are many signs to look for. First, he may reach out to you via social media.

He may also text or call just to say hi. You may be able to tell that he misses you by the way he talks about the good times that he had with you.

It may seem like the end of the world when you find out that your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you, but you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we would never want something and don’t even consider it as an option, but this is not always true. This article will explore how to know if your ex has feelings for you and what those feelings mean for the future.

The idea of a man or woman still being in love with his ex-significant other is a common misconception.

Society often labels one who continues to love an ex as being desperate, unstable, and unable to move on from the past.

However, there are instances in which it is not only easy for a man or woman to get over their past relationship but they also still have feelings for their former partner.

You have to force him away

Many people believe it’s over when their relationship ends. But the truth is, there are many signs that your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you.

The one sign that many people don’t know about is the inability to let go. People often find themselves obsessing about an ex-partner and spending countless hours thinking about them after the relationship is over.

This can be very hard on both parties involved as well as those around them. If this sounds like something you’re going through right now, then your ex-boyfriend might still have feelings for you.

He texts you every day

In my experience, when a guy is trying to get back with an ex it’s usually because they still have feelings for that person. In some cases, it could just be curiosity or a need for closure that drives them to want to communicate with their ex.

But in other cases, this behavior really means they want the relationship back. So if he starts texting you all of the time and asking about how things are going between you two, there may be hope yet!

If you’ve been chatting online with him via Facebook or any social media chatting service, chances are good that he wants to reconnect with you.

He finds excuses to see you

I know you think you’re over your ex-boyfriend, but it’s possible he still has feelings for you. If he’s not trying to date someone new. And still sees you on a regular basis, then he may just be trying to keep his options open.

If he tries to get close to you or touch you. That could be because he wants to recapture the spark he had with you, rather than just being friendly.

He might even try to make sure you don’t forget him by making himself available when you least expect it. This is especially true if he knows you have another boyfriend/girlfriend. It can also happen if he feels like he needs something from you in order to feel better about himself.

He invites you to hang out with his friends

Why does he still bother to call you? Why does he still ask for your opinion? Why does he still call you just to chat or try to hold your hand at the movies?

Signs that your ex-boyfriend may have feelings for you are all around you. He’s most likely scared about what the future holds. Where they’ll go from here, but deep down he may be pining for what they had.

It is possible that he has a new girlfriend. And doesn’t want to hurt her by telling her how much he misses you. Or maybe he feels guilty about breaking up with you and wants to make it right before she finds out.

He still talks about your favorite memories together

Some signs that your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you are that they may still talk about your favorite memories. They might also text you to tell you they’re thinking of you.

Your ex-boyfriend might want to hang out with you. Or want to “talk” when really he just misses hearing your voice. They may want to keep in contact with you through social media and other various apps.

If this is the case, then don’t be surprised if he starts talking about his new girlfriend a lot more than usual. He’s trying to get back into your good graces so that you’ll forgive him for cheating on you.

He does nice things for you

It’s hard to say when a breakup is in the past. It can be tempting to think that you’re over it and move on, but in reality, you might not be.

Do you know when you’re not completely relieved? Signs that your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you could be because he does nice things for you. He says or texts things that imply affection, or if he tries to hang out with you after the breakup.

If this happens, don’t let him get away with it! Tell him how much his actions mean to you. And remind him of what was between you two before the break up. He’ll probably feel bad about hurting you and will try harder next time.

Your ex always follows you on social media even though it’s been months

There are many signs that your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you. One sign is that, even though they may have moved on, your ex always follows you on social media.

They might not like your posts or even comment on them. But at least they are still checking in with you. Another sign is if they know what you are doing before you tell anyone else.

Maybe even before it happens! If this sounds familiar, then there’s a good chance that your ex wants to be friends again. And just needs some time to get over their hurt feelings.

He keeps his old photos of you on his phone

A person’s phone is a reflection of themselves, and it’s important to have a look at their past relationships. For example, if you’re going through a tough breakup. And your ex-boyfriend has a lot of pictures of you on his camera roll on his phone. He still has feelings for you.

This could mean one or more things. 1) Your ex doesn’t want to lose contact with you because they don’t know what will happen next in life. 2) They are trying to make sure that the memories stay alive by keeping them close to him (and therefore closer to you).


In conclusion, some signs that your ex still has feelings for you are if they always reach out to you or they want to talk whenever they can.

Sometimes these people are hurt, scared, or even nervous when thinking of the person who left them. If this is true then it’s a good sign that there might be something going on between you two and that maybe you should give yourself time before jumping into anything serious again.

I think that if your ex is texting you with incessant questions, sending you gifts without a reason, and telling you he misses you, then it is likely that they still have feelings for you.

If you are not sure if your ex still has feelings for you, then it may be time to call him/her up and ask them. If he/she says no, then there is nothing more to worry about.

However, if they say yes, then I would suggest talking to a therapist so that you could get closure on this issue. It’s better to have an answer now than later! Good luck!

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